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School of basics of modelling


Great world agencies are surprised with the results provided by Midikenn modelling school. In Midikenn we put special emphasis on working with children and parents.
Working with children is a special joy.
Emphasize is given to the achievement of confidence and sense of security of our members and their parents. Because of that this school is foremost a place where children, teens and parents get to know eachother, make new friends and learn together in a healthy environment. A special advantage is that they are not like others, exposed to the negative influence of the street or simply unused spare time. In Midikenn all students learn the basics of fashion, but above all they learn about the culture of living .
If you are not too ambitious parent or girl and you realize that nothing in life is achieved without an honest and hard work .... WELCOME TO MIDIKENN and our school for fashion and culture of living.
Dear parents!
Midikenn model management Zagreb receives children from four years for Midikenn modelling school and also from 2011 years open Midikenn model management in Osijek.
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We are waiting for you and your loved ones. Do not be shy!
Midikenn model management